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    Satisfy My Soul

    by Bob Marley & The Wailers

    1978 Kaya

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    South Africa:

    Young ladies train in Ballet in Soweto through The Joburg Ballet Development Programme

    Photos by Madelene Cronje.


    This belongs here.

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  10. "Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to."
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    the best shot I’ve taken of blue pool to this day. it’s definitely cold, definitely worth getting in, and definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

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  12. "You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success - none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here."
    — Ram Dass (via occult101)